It Takes Guts to Leave the Ruts!

ugo ugofit ugohp May 03, 2019

“It takes guts to leave the ruts” - was a saying I heard years ago.

When you decide to go to another level in life, it will take everything you have. You will be tested in every way possible. You will be forced to grow. You will have to decide many times over whether you want to keep going. Your mind will play tricks on you. You will have to have resilience beyond measure. People will not believe in you. Many times you will not believe in yourself. You will feel alone, misunderstood, etc.. You will have to sacrifice for unknown periods of time .......

BUT if you DECIDE ... that you will find a way to grow, to rise, to honour yourself through every adversity, every doubt, and to believe in yourself and your purpose when no-one else but you does.

And decide to overcome every obstacle in your way.

If what you are after is true in your heart - IT WILL BE WORTH IT!

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