Just Lean In!

Growing up in Africa and having dreams. Never realized one of them would include being chief of my Village one day.

There is pride in being uplifted to a position by the people. They put their trust in you, they’ve chosen you to represent them. They’ve entrusted you with their children and their children’s children.

Life will test you anytime you get elevated. But perhaps it is more of a preparation than a test. The teacher must make sure you are the one. The journey requires intestinal fortitude and it comes with a cost.

Many will not shoulder the burden, but those who do will emerge stronger. I often yearn for an easier path, but I also understand that to whom much is given, much is expected. Life’s challenges develop big shoulders, and right now I’m loving my shoulders. The bigger the ask, the bigger the cost. Accept it. Pay the cost, it’s the only way. It’s like sports. Those who are the best were willing to make the sacrifice.

Many do not want to hear about this part. The lost time with friends and family, financial hardship, injuries, lost opportunities, defeats, heartbreaking defeats, relationships that were out of balance.

There is a cost when you’ve been called to task. Many pack it in and run, saying this is not for me. Many break. Many make excuses to discontinue. Many curl up. Many procrastinate. In the end all you really have is reasons or results. Did you develop tenacity. Did you dig in despite all the challenges. Not saying it is for everyone, but it could be you.

The point is when you’ve been called and your back is against the wall. And everything in you is looking for a way out. Lean in. Don’t run. Lean in. Dig deep. Take one more step.

Look your dragon in the eye. That’s okay. It’s only a little heat. May need a little ice and polysporin. But..... but... the wisdom, tenacity, the love you develop for yourself will be unmatched. Lean in today, and you will smile. -UGO

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