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Nick Ugoalah consults with elite athletes, executive teams,  sales professionals and business organizations. He helps you get beyond slumps, change and comfort zones, to increased self-confidence, enhanced communication, increased leadership skills and strengthened personal and professional performance. 

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How can you transform obstacles and disappointments into instant success, or an improved bottom line? Let National Hall of Fame wrestler and Top Performance Coach Nick Ugoalah teach you how to transform failure, setbacks and change into success.


"Inspiring! Simply Outstanding!"

Premier Bob Mcloed
Government of the Northwest Territories



Nick Ugoalah, BSc&MBA
Business and Life Strategist, Certified executive coach and commonwealth games gold medal athlete Ugoalah trains leaders, (elite-athletes, executives and sales management teams) in how to increase sales, enhance performance, develop leadership, strengthen people and manage change through UGO Excellence training. Despite growing up in foster care and what many consider a disadvantaged background, he pushed himself to incredible personal and professional triumphs. Ugoalah is a Commonwealth games gold medal wrestler and a National hall of fame inductee. He is the founder of UGO, a consulting and training company that helps entrepreneurs, athletes, and organizations enhance performance, increase sales, improve profitability and build championship teams.
Ugoalah has the unique ability to get people and organizations to change behaviour quickly and get results. He is the author of Whatever it Takes: Embrace Change, Leverage Challenges and Achieve an Extraordinary Life! He helps people shed the blanket of limitation that prevents them from winning in their personal and professional life.



Can you become a champion again?

CAN YOU BECOME A CHAMPION AGAIN? How do you champion the champion? There are people who reach certain levels of success, and once they've reached that, they tend to give up on themselves. They don't see anything beyond the level they've reached. They've hit a slump. How do you champion the champion, or the championship? The BTC program equips CEO's, Entrepreneurs, Top Athletes, and up and coming leaders with the tools to be champions again. If you wish to take your level of success, impact, and influence in the world to another level. To do it fast and effectively. And would like a proven system, under the guidance of someone who has not only been there, but knows how to take someone who is already great and make them world class. If that is you, then I invite you to Apply Now, fill out the simple questionnaire attached, and set up a time to chat.   


UGO High Performance Leadership Suite

Become a game changing leader. This program equips individuals, future leaders, executives, and management teams with innovate ideas and strategies to thrive in today's ever changing world and become a game-changing leader.
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UGOYES School Leadership Program

YOUTH EMPOWERMENT SYSTEM IS RECOMMENDED FOR PRINCIPALS, ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS, SUPERINTENDENTS, AND ASPIRING SCHOOL LEADERS. Join us and discover the power of Leadership to transform your school. Learn proven principles, ideas, and strategies to improve your school culture, build an engaged staff and develop resilient student and teacher leaders. Also available for the student body. 
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The COMPLETE Transformation System: Become your Physical, Mental and Emotional Best.
This program equips the busy professional who wants quick and lasting results. This is your 5 step Blueprint to create your Ultimate Body, Health and Lifestyle which will quickly, powerfully and effectively move you towards becoming your physical, mental and emotional best. This program has demonstrated it's effectiveness with over 2 decades of results and refinement from work with elite professional athletes to it's results with the stay at home mom.
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Nick Ugoalah has been interviewed in hundreds of newspapers, and featured in magazines and online news sources.
Media Interviews Include:
  • CBC, CTV 
  • Breakfast TV
  • CityTV, RogersTV
  • Russian TV, BBC


Keynote Speech (up to 90 Minutes in CAN & USA)
Full Day Program in CAN & USA
Deposit: 50% of Speaking Fee is required to confirm date. Remaining 50% Payment is due on day of Speech. 5% discount if full payment is received in advance of program.
Travel Expenses: Travel Expenses will be added to speaking fee. Unrestricted round trip coach airfare, ground transportation, and moderate meals. Hotels should be guaranteed for late arrival and billed directly to your organization.
Cancellation Policy: If the program is cancelled for any reason more than sixty(60) days prior to the agreed date, it's UGO Resource's policy to reschedule (within 12 months) for the same fee. Should you be forced to cancel the program sixty days or less before the date of the program the full speaking fee is due and payable by the date of the original program.
NOTE: All Video/Audio Rights are negotiable.






I was really impressed with the level of research that Nick applied into building his presentation to suit our company needs and how he was able to seamlessly combine his story and presentation methods into an extremely effective delivery to our diverse team.  I would not hesitate in recommending Nick to other companies and organizations that prioritize team and personal development. - Graham Archer, President, Kintec Footwear and Orthotics

"Nick Ugoalah is entertaining, yet a powerful and motivating speaker. He has an ability to capture his audience's attention, especially youth"  -Keith Regular, Secondary School Principal

Nick Ugoalah's visit to UVic was a mindset changing experience. He was a great speaker who could talk fluidly from a humorous tone to being serious. He was very motivational and put personal goal setting into a great perspective. The story of his life is incredible to hear, but the very best part was when he got one of my peers to wrestle him. Given the opportunity I would love to hear him talk again. -Nick Bruce, Student, University of Victoria

Nick speaks both from the head and heart. He is amazingly convincing as he teaches and inspires you to shed your blanket of limitation, to bet on yourself and go after your dreams. You can feel it. This is a man who has lived every word that he speaks. He's a gold medal winning wrestler. You know he walks his talk. - Cory Holly, CEO, Cory Holly Institute

"With a dearth of speakers who actually walk their talk, Nick provides refreshing insights to common human challenges. He brings a level of passion and excitement to his message that result in profound personal change and a sense that any mountain can be climbed and any obstacle overcome"   -Lorne Kelton, President, CAPSBC



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